Legendary broadcaster Al Michaels is optimistic that the 2023 season of “Thursday Night Football” will be an improvement over the past year.

Michaels, who handled “Thursday Night Football” duties for Amazon Prime Video last season, expressed hope that the new schedule, which will allow some teams to play twice on a Thursday night, will provide better matchups for viewers.

Network television commentator Al Michaels. Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, Michaels didn’t shy away from criticizing the quality of some of the games, comparing it to selling “a 20-year-old Mazda.” Retired players and current media personalities Jason and Devin McCourty also voiced their dissatisfaction with the midweek games, with Jason stating that some of the matchups were “just a brutal watch.”

Despite the negative feedback, Michaels praised the production of “Thursday Night Football” and Amazon Prime Video, saying that “all things considered, I was very proud of the way it works.” Michaels believes that the technological advancements and improved accessibility to the games will only get better with time.

The NFL is set to announce the schedule for the 2023 season soon, and fans can look forward to more exciting matchups on Thursday nights.