One week ago, Anthony Richardson expressed his determination to return to the football field, and now it seems he is well on his way. Colts coach Shane Steichen provided an update on Richardson’s condition, stating that the young quarterback is in a “really good spot.”

According to Steichen, Richardson has been making great progress and his shoulder is feeling good. He is expected to participate in practices, with some limitations and monitoring to ensure his recovery is managed appropriately. Steichen emphasized the importance of being cautious with Richardson’s workload to prevent any setbacks.

The Colts made the tough decision to sideline Richardson for surgery after a promising start to his rookie season. The focus was always on the long-term future, and now, after months of hard work, Richardson is in a positive place, both physically and mentally.

While Richardson’s availability for immediate gameplay may still be limited, the Colts are optimistic about his potential as a key player in their future. Steichen highlighted the importance of Richardson’s involvement in team activities, allowing him to build on his foundation and prepare for the upcoming season.


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