The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow, has had remarkable success against the Kansas City Chiefs, boasting a 3-1 all-time record against the formidable AFC opponents.

Despite the Chiefs’ absence from their Super Bowl quest last season, Burrow’s dominance over Kansas City has been a notable storyline in recent matchups.

During a recent podcast interview on “New Heights,” Burrow reflected on the battles between the Bengals and the Chiefs, emphasizing the mutual respect between the two teams and the competitive nature of their encounters.

Burrow expressed confidence in his team’s ability to match up well against the Chiefs, citing the talent on both sides of the field and the fierce competition that ensues when they face off.

The Bengals have demonstrated their capability to take down the Chiefs in the past, notably with victories in the 2021 regular season and the AFC Championship Game. However, the Chiefs managed to exact revenge in the subsequent postseason, ultimately advancing to the Super Bowl.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Burrow recognizes the importance of staying healthy to lead his team back to top form. With star receivers Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins by his side, the Bengals are poised to challenge the Chiefs once again and solidify their position as contenders in the AFC.


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