Rich McDermott and Avis McDermott are the celebrity parents of the head coach of the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL).

Sean began his NFL coaching career as an assistant for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2001, serving as defensive coordinator from 2009 to 2010, and was later the defensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers from 2011 to 2016.

Meet Sean McDermott’s parents Rich McDermott & Avis McDermott

Rich McDermott and Avis McDermott are the parents of Sean McDermott the football coach. They gave birth to their son in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised him in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Tim McDermott (Photo Credit: MONTCO.Today)

After residing in West Chester and Paoli previously, they relocated to Lansdale when Sean was in the second grade there. They are American nationals and of a white ethnic group.

Rich was a high-school football coach and later a college football coach at the Division 2 level. To make ends meet, he was also a health and Physical Education teacher at Earwin Institute for the mentally handicapped. He also managed a grocery store and washed windows at one point.

According to Sean, which he says, “I used to go with my dad to wash windows at a grocery store on Sunday nights when it was closed because they didn’t want anyone to be washing the windows when it was open.”

Sean continue and said, “He worked his tail off, and he still works. That’s what I feel has prepared me for a job like this. It’s an old cliché, I guess, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without my parents.”

Sean McDermott’s parents (Photo Credit: Democrat and Chronicle)

Avis on the other hand was the breadwinner in the family. She never graduated college but worked in the financial industry.

“She was just unbelievable in terms of support, but firm,” McDermott said. “My dad emphasized athletics. My mom did, as well, but my mom was really hard on the academics end of things and always stressed, ‘Hey you’ve got to have the grades, you’ve got to be prepared for life outside of sports.’

Apart from Sean, they are also the parent of Sean’s older brother named Tim McDermott.

Rich and Avis instilled in their child respect for other people. Rich elaborated by saying that “That is our life philosophy.” His father claims that the head coach has his distinct personality, but that he is aware that the sport is more important than he is.



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