Travis Rudolph who happens to be a former NFL Star, was not born alone to his parents. Darryl Rudolph Jr. and Terrenie Gosier-Pannell are his two celebrity siblings. Continue to read the article and know more about the siblings.

Meet Travis Rudolph’s siblings Darryl Rudolph, Jr. & Terrenie Gosier-Pannell

Darryl Rudolph Jr. and Terrenie Gosier-Pannell share the same parents as their football star brother. They’re the children of Darryl Rudolph Sr. and Linda Rudolph. Their father Rudolph Sr. passed away in April 2017, a few days before the 2017 NFL Draft. The father of three was shot and killed while working as a handyman at a strip club.

Terrenie Gosier-Pannell happens to be the first child and only daughter of her parents, and she is also a mother of two. She is a real estate agent based in South Florida. She has been in the business quite for some time now and she is doing good for herself.

Travis Rudolph (Photo Credit: Player Bio)

There is no information about her early life, hence, it is very difficult to talk about her age and birthday. She is of African-American ethnic race and holds an American nationality.

Darryl Rudolph Jr. is the second child and first son of his parents. He is a musical artist, with his last song titled Undefeated, released in 2021. Just like his older sister, there is no information about his early life, hence, it is difficult to talk about his age and birthday. He is of African-American ethnic race and holds an American nationality.

Because there is a saying that, blood is thicker than water. When the NFL player was arrested, Darryl Rudolph stood by his brother and testify for him in court.

According to Darryl, Tyler Robinson sucker-punched his brother in the face first, and his three friends piled on after. He said he watched, stunned, and thought back to Jones’ threats earlier that day.

“We’re on demon time,” Darryl said he heard one of the men yell. “You messed with the wrong girl. Y’all (expletives) are going to die today.”

Darryl called the brawl a “matter of life and death” and said he jumped in to draw two of the attackers away from Travis and onto him. Darryl said Robinson pointed a gun at his head and told him: “You’re going to die today.”



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