Legendary former NFL running back O.J. Simpson has passed away at the age of 76 after battling prostate cancer.

Although Simpson was known for his skills on the football field, he gained notoriety for his involvement in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, which drew global attention. Despite being acquitted of the charges, Simpson’s legacy was forever tarnished.

Following news of Simpson’s death, social media was not filled with kind words or condolences. National reporters, such as NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt and ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap, expressed their honest and harsh sentiments about Simpson.

Casual fans took to Twitter to criticize and mock Simpson’s legacy, using memes and harsh language to convey their feelings.

Even Caitlyn Jenner, who was married to Kris Jenner after the death of Simpson’s lawyer Robert Kardashian, shared a brief reaction to Simpson’s passing.

Simpson’s actions have left a lasting impact on his reputation, both during his playing career and in the years that followed.

His legacy will forever be tainted by the controversies surrounding his life.


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