In a surprising revelation, Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich hinted that head coach Matt LaFleur might prefer his offensive scheme with Jordan Love at the helm rather than Aaron Rodgers.

Stenavich openly acknowledged that the team’s offensive approach will likely undergo a transformation with Love leading the charge.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Stenavich explained, “It’s not just because of not having Aaron Rodgers. It might just be these other pieces that we’ve added as well.

So, again, it’s organized team activities right now, so we’re just going to kind of see how it all fits, and once we figure out how we’re going to attack defenses, then we’ll roll from there. But I think it might.”

Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur. Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Since joining the Packers as head coach in 2018, LaFleur has been the primary play-caller for the offense. However, Rodgers’ seasoned experience led him to make audibles and adjustments at the line of scrimmage, utilizing hand signals and other methods.

LaFleur allowed Rodgers to take charge as the offensive mastermind, given his extensive knowledge and multiple accolades.

In contrast, Love, a 24-year-old who has had limited professional experience, will approach the game from a different perspective. Stenavich assured reporters that Love will have access to “pretty much all of” the playbook, signaling a fresh start for the young quarterback who served as Rodgers’ backup for the past three seasons.

“We’re starting on Step 1 instead of starting at Step 8, where you can start with Aaron Rodgers,” Stenavich emphasized. “So, you’re going to take a step back and keep working ahead. Can’t really look at the end result right now.”

The potential end result is an offensive unit that more closely aligns with LaFleur’s original vision when he took over the coaching reins in January 2019. With Love’s youth and willingness to embrace the new system, the Packers may embark on an exciting era of offensive football, one that reflects LaFleur’s desired style and incorporates the talents of the evolving team.

As Green Bay’s offseason activities unfold, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the emergence of a dynamic and rejuvenated offense that could take the league by storm. Only time will tell how Love’s development and LaFleur’s offensive vision come together to reshape the Packers’ fortunes on the field.