Sean Michael McDermott is an American football coach who is the head coach for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League.

Sean McDermott’s children: Madelyn ‘Maddie’ McDermott, Gavin McDermott & Kelly McDermott

Sean McDermott and her spouse Jamie McDermott met at La Salle School Secondary School in Pennsylvania. When Sean and Jamie first started dating, they were just teenagers.

Jamie is five years older than her husband because she was born on June 25, 1979. While the future mentor got his four-year finance certification from William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, his perfect partner didn’t complete school.

Sean and his three children virtually sharing their days during offseason
Sean and his three children virtually share their days during the offseason (photo credit – buffalo bills)

Notwithstanding her weaknesses throughout everyday life, Mrs. McDermott proceeded with her corporate vocation in protection and partook in a similarly fruitful profession as her lead trainer spouse.

With a bustling vocation and many children to care for, the Bills’ fans have frequently lauded Jamie for her understanding and backing towards Sean. She never misses an opportunity to attend an important event involving the NFL coach.

In addition, the McDermotts have avoided using social media, keeping their private matters secret from the general public. In addition to his large Buffalo Bills family, Sean McDermott has a small home with five people in the NFL’s big land.

They started their family late after he married Jamie, but they have raised their children beautifully. Their valuable time has not gone to no end, as found in the McDermott group’s media appearances.

The McDermott folks snapped arriving in Buffalo in January 2017 after Sean was appointed the head coach of the Bills.
The McDermott folks snapped arriving in Buffalo in January 2017 after Sean was appointed the head coach of the Bills. (picture credit – Facebook)

However, both families typically shield their children from widespread praise for a normal and healthy childhood.

According to Buffalo News, all three of them had been with their father for his virtual session with “Good Morning Football,” they listened to him and the hosts discuss how the virtual offseason affects families and football.

One of the first times that all three of Sean and Jamie’s children appeared on camera was during the 2020 online appearance. Throughout the stint, they were entertaining and engaging, attracting the hosts’ attention.

The trio is getting closer to choosing a career due to their parents returning to work and the NFL season increasing in intensity with each passing year.

In the meantime, the fans are confident that they will seek after their fantasies in the games business very much like their father.



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