Travis Deonte James Rudolph is best known as a former American football wide receiver. He played college football at Florida State and has previously played for the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. He is currently on trial for murder.

1. What happened between Travis Rudolph and ex-girlfriend Dominique Jones?

According to Darryl Rudolph who recollected the night of April 7, 2021. He said he heard his brother, Travis, get into an argument with his then-girlfriend Dominique Jones, about a woman.

Darryl said the fight turned physical and testified that Jones grabbed a Patron bottle and hit Travis on the head.

Travis Rudolph (Photo Credit: BlackSportsOnline)

2. Is Dominique Jones married? Is Travis Rudolph currently married?

According to Rudolph’s defense attorney, Jones is an out-of-work estate agent. She was also reportedly married to another man when she was in a relationship with Rudolph. Jones also has a brother named Keishaun.

3. What are the names of the victims in Travis Rudolph’s murder case? Who died?

Rudolph claimed the four men, Keishaun Jones, Tyler Robinson, Chris Lowe, and Sebastian Jean-Jacques, came over to his house around midnight on April 7, 2021 to physically hurt or kill him.

Sebastien Jean-Jacques is identified as the victim who died. He is 21 years old and from Palm Beach County, Florida, according to a report.

Izabelle Jean-Jacques who is identified as the victim’s mother, identified her son in an interview with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Monday as the victim in the April 7 shooting where Rudolph, 25, allegedly opened fire outside his Lake Park home killing one and injuring another.

“The type of person [Jean-Jacques] was, he would go and help a friend,” she told the outlet. “And this is really what made him go to that location that night. A friend needed help and Sebastien never liked conflict. He always wanted to make peace.”

4. Why did Dominique Jones send his brother and friends to Travis Rudolph’s home?

According to Dominique Jones, who had testified the day before that, she never intended for her brother and his friends to hurt Rudolph when she texted her brother to “shoot up his s—” after learning of the football player’s apparent infidelity, was back on the witness stand Thursday.

Travis Rudolph (Photo Credit: WPTV)

5. How many rounds of bullets did Travis Rudolph fire at Dominique and Co?

The prosecutors said the men had already begun to drive away in a black Cadillac by the time Rudolph fired 39 rounds in their direction, killing Sebastien Jean-Jacques in the passenger seat.

6. Who is Travis Rudolph’s lawyer?

Rudolph’s defensive lawyer is called attorney Marc Shiner.

7. Who investigated Travis Rudolph and Dominique’s case?

The investigators were from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

8. Is Travis Rudolph already in jail?

No, the motion was subsequently denied by a judge in March of 2022. Less than one month later, Rudolph’s attorney negotiated his release from jail on a $160,000 cash bond. The agreement requires Rudolph to remain on house arrest. His murder trial began in late May 2023.



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