According to the murder case that lies on the head of Travis Rudolph, those involved as to be called to testify. As testimony continues in the first-degree murder trial of former FSU and NFL football player Travis Rudolph, more visual evidence shows what went down the night of the shooting.

The report says, on Thursday, the jury was shown photos of the car involved the night Rudolph shot and killed one man and wounded another. Then on Friday, the jury saw ring camera footage showing Rudolph running inside before returning with a firearm.

Marc Shiner (Photo Credit: Imago Images)

In the video, Rudolph is seen going inside and retrieving a gun, then running outside, slipping briefly on his walkway, and continuing towards a group of individuals seen in the distance.

The defense team for Rudolph maintains Rudolph only fired his gun in self-defense, saying the men were assaulting his brother at the time of the incident. The prosecution is painting a different picture, saying the men were already leaving after a brawl broke out. Prosecutors said as the men were fleeing, Rudolph went “on the attack.”

Watch the video below;

In the ongoing trial of former NFL player Travis Rudolph, the prosecution brought in several officers and detectives who were involved in investigating the scene on the night of the shooting.

One of the witnesses was a K9 officer from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. This officer testified that the K9 unit, working alongside him, combed through the neighborhood where the shooting took place. The officer informed the jury that the K9 dog detected a firearm on the ground outside, following a blood trail.

Also, two detectives from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Division took the stand as witnesses. Their primary responsibility was to gather evidence from the crime scene, particularly focusing on the Rudolph household.

Rudolph, who stands accused of shooting two individuals, resulting in the death of one, has maintained a claim of self-defense.



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