Minnesota Vikings tight end T.J. Hockenson has raised concerns about the lack of protection for vulnerable offensive players in the NFL. After suffering a season-ending knee injury in late 2023, Hockenson believes there is a double standard in the league’s rules, with offensive players often penalized for low cut blocks while defensive players are able to hit ball carriers at the knee or below without consequences.

Hockenson’s injury, a torn ACL and MCL in his right knee, occurred in a game against the Lions and was inflicted by his former teammate, safety Kerby Joseph. Despite not thinking Joseph intended to injure him, Hockenson believes changes need to be made to prevent such injuries in the future.

“It’s tough. We’re big guys running through the middle of the field. I don’t think anyone goes out on the field wanting to injure a player like that,” Hockenson stated. “But I think the league needs to look into these situations and see what can be done to protect players.”

The tight end expressed a desire for players to protect one another on the field, emphasizing the need for a mutual understanding of safety across all positions. He even mentioned that he would have preferred Joseph to hit him high rather than low, even if it meant risking a concussion that would have resulted in a shorter recovery period.

Hockenson, who posted career highs in receptions and receiving yards last season, is uncertain about his return to the field but is aiming for a comeback in late September or early October. The 26-year-old faces a challenging rehabilitation process but remains optimistic about his recovery and future in the NFL.


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